Palais Sturany
Schottenring 21
1010 Wien

Opening: 11.11.2010, 7 pm

Exhibition: 12.11. – 21.11.2010

Opening hours:

Mo Tu We Fr 2 – 7 pm
Th 2 – 10 pm
Sa Su 12 am – 5 pm



Thursday, 11.11.2010, 7 pm

Opening of the exhibition „Underground towards Sellout“

with Davide Balula; Alfredo Barsuglia; Bernhard Cella; Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová; Judith Fegerl; Douglas Fishbone; Nate Harrison; Zuzanna Janin; Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša; Wim Janssen; Nicolas Jasmin; Jakob Lena Knebl; Claudia Märzendorfer; Ralo Mayer; Boris Ondreicka; Leo Peschta; Shannon Plumb; Rainer Prohaska; Franz Schubert; Klaus Weber

Performances: Jakob Lena Knebl, Claudia Märzendorfer, Ralo Mayer

Saturday, 13.11.2010, 2 pm

Reading „Inspiriert mich Text?“ – a project from Bernhard Cella

Tuesday, 16.11.2010, 5 pm

Panel discussion “Art Outside the Box – Dimensions in Collecting Art”

Guests: Marc Gloede (film theorist; curator, critic), Jörg Heiser (co-chief editor of „frieze“; critic), Constanze Ruhm (artist; professor of art and digital media at the academy of fine arts viena)

Moderation: DDr. Christoph Thun-Hohenstein

Donnerstag, 18.11.2010, 19 Uhr

Auction in cooperation with Mag. Andrea Jungmann, director of Sotheby’s Austria

Performance: Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová


Overview of the participating artists

Davide Balula; Alfredo Barsuglia; Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová; Bernhard Cella; Katharina Cibulka & Philipp König; Judith Fegerl; Douglas Fishbone; Nate Harrison; Zuzanna Janin; Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša; Wim Janssen; Nicolas Jasmin; Jakob Lena Knebl; Claudia Märzendorfer; Ralo Mayer; Rainer Prohaska; Boris Ondreicka; Leo Peschta; Shannon Plumb; Franz Schubert; Klaus Weber

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